Design Philosophy

Less is More, Design is Real. Function is Everything

Nursema Öztürk
Design park

Between 1988-1996, interior architecture / design / application projects were completed in Atolye Furniture Architecture Incorporated Company and this partnership was completed in 1996 with friendship.

Then, MN Architecture Incorporated Company was established with a new brand, which was founded in 1994 and consisting of the initials of their names.In 2000, with the millennium, the Nursemadesign brand came up with a brand new image and made our creativity more original.


Design Park

Design Park adds quality to your living spaces with many different furniture design options. With its modern, aesthetic, and colorful options, DesignPark furniture adds quality to your living spaces. Our company has a feature that designs and implements contemporary and exclusive construction projects. Our ideal is to find the best architectural and engineering solutions by making use of intermediate products produced with high quality by world standards and to transform them into living units by considering the benefit of society.

As DesignPark is an experienced company that is innovative, open to development, sees the opportunities around it, can use creative methods, increases its competitive advantage, and can draw positive results from market changes.

Our company is also the inventor of wooden game blocks, which it produces as U-Box Toys, which can be played by anyone from 7 to 70. Wooden game blogs are a product made from completely natural materials and especially emphasizing the creativity of children. These U-Box toys, which you will play with your family and spend quality time with your children, offer you unlimited creativity in one form. The game is the most important part of our life because it keeps the person away from stress. That's why we have produced u-Box toys for you, which are both harmless to health and produced from natural materials.

In this context, our company has continued to develop itself and started to produce U-Box Furniture and produces U-Box Design Furniture that will add aesthetic touches to your living spaces. With U Box furniture, you will reflect your unlimited creativity to your home and you will be the designer of your home. With its different and remarkable style, you can change the shape and direction of your furniture whenever you want. You can check our website for U-Box furniture products.

As you can see, as DesignPark, we undertake very big projects such as renovating complete living spaces such as shopping malls, offices, showrooms, and villa projects. If you want your living spaces to be of higher quality, you can contact DesignPark.