Who Are We?

With 32 years of experience….

This passion, which started in 1988, continues its activities in many different areas with the completion of many beautiful projects.

Between 1988-1996 "Atölye Furniture Architecture Inc." His interior architecture/design/application career, which started in 1996, has been completed by numerous corporate companies, and this partnership was completed in 1996 with friendship.

Founded in 1994, with a new band consisting of the initials of their names, M veN Mimarlık Inc was established. Our brand has become a brand that raises its target with bigger projects day by day. We wanted our corporate identity works and interior design work to increase our creativity to a different level, so that our energy in the turnkey shopping mall, bank, hotel, commercial space application, and project works would not be divided and to continue with completely different staff.

With the Millennium, the Nursemadesign brand came to the fore with a new image and made our creativity more original, and started to support M and N architecture companies in their projects.

He started to design for all kinds of interior design project needs of corporate brands. At the same time, it continues to crown its designer side with awards by designing its own products.


In 1987, he completed his undergraduate degree in Industrial Design - Interior Architecture at Marmara Fine Arts Faculty. In 1990, he completed his Master's Degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Interior Architecture. She is continuing her Ph.D. at Maltepe University.

He worked on the project and implementation of corporate works for a long time at Atölye Architecture, which he entered in 1988. After doing his internship in Paris in 1993, he researched many Office furniture production facilities in Europe in the same year and after returning to Turkey, he was involved in the office furniture production facility establishment. In 1996, he received training at the USA / Seattle University and later became the founding partner of M&N Architecture Incorporated 1996.

He has been giving interior design project courses at many universities since 2002. He made it to the finals in the IF Product Design 2008 design competition with his LONI stool. It organizes workshops, conferences, and exhibitions in the field of inter-university design, and carries out its activities in the fields of design and interior architecture, as the Turkey representative of the German Interior Architects Association (BDIA). In 2010, he established Design park and started to carry out activities on behalf of design.

At the beginning of 2014, "Box" design was featured on the cover of the Dutch/Frame-GOODS book as the only Turkish designer.